About Tang

It started with a passion for art and code. Pretty nerdy.

Ira McMahon and Stephanie Sadler Illustration

Tang Web Studios was started by Ira McMahon and Stephanie Sadler to sate a thirst for creativity and passion for the high country. Now we spend our work and some of our free time, making art, shooting photos, designing fonts, looking for inspiration and keeping up with the web times.

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Customer Satisfaction

def: gleekOrange Gleek noun
1. the result of tang working properly
2. salivation on the part of your customers and competitors

It's all about how you spice it.

We design a new flavor for every business. Your business should stand out because of it's deliciousness. We will do our absolute best to make you happy and make you look good.

From our clients

“Ira was very competent and willing to work with the elements that we wanted to incorporate into the website. We just said that we needed a website and he did it. It ended up being very functional, easy to use and navigate, and included all of our photos.” - Wendy Haig, Showcase 81 (website, logo)
“Tang's work was everything I needed and more. From brainstorming, to designing, to meticulously handpicking fonts and color hues, I got exactly what I wanted. Add ease of work, constant contact, and being incorporated with every level of design, my logo was the very last of my business worries. Tang keeps you in good hands and walks you through every step of the way.” - Erin Young, Cup in the Corner (logo)
“Stephanie designed the awesome logo for my new business. She is such a great listener that after I had described to her what my general idea was, she came up with a first draft that was spot on!! From there, she was very patient with me as we tweeked this and that until we came up with the final product. My logo that Stephanie designed is the coolest and most creative logo ever!!! It gets compliments from all sorts of people...someone even suggested on my facebook page that we should make bumper stickers from the logo as it is so cool.”- Louisa Morrissey, Skijor-n-More (logo)

Other Services

Community Projects

It's where we live.

Breckenridge is a fantastic community and we are happy to be a part of it. Even though Tang is a brand new company, we've been devoting part of our time to community projects already. So far, we've lent our services to these organizations:


Promoting your business online

April 5th 9:00 am and April 6th 7:30 pm

Sorry you missed it! We're happy to give you some of the information still. Just send us an email at design@tangwebstudio.com.

Tang Web Studio is offering a Free seminar: an introduction to Online Identity.

The appearance of Breckenridge has always been one of the main concerns of the town, and now it is time to turn that concern to the way Breckenridge appears on the internet. It is a beautiful town with excellent cuisine, gorgeous boutiques, wonderful art, festivals, and of course the great outdoors. In many cases though, our websites will portray the first impression that people get of Breckenridge. We want people to decide to come here based on our web content. We want people to stay because its an amazing place with so much to do.

In this session, we are going to discuss everything from Google Maps to Facebook to having your own website. If you don't have a website, we'll talk about options and taking the first steps. We'll then take the conversation further and discuss promoting your website and using it to its full potential. A few things we'll cover:


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  • Helping your business
  • Where to start
  • What you need

Local Listings

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  • Google Maps
  • Yelp
  • Merchant circle

Social Networking

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  • Facebook
  • Mail Chimp
  • Twitter
  • Blogging